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Clinical Services

Your individual presenting concern for seeking counseling does not need to fit in the general list below for us to work effectively together.  I offer the below list of common reasons for seeking counseling and areas of focus of my practice and highlighted clinical experience. 

We all have a life story which likely involves aspects of suffering. This suffering may be why you seek professional help. I am here to listen to your story and help you identify areas of growth. I am here to sit alongside you while we enter your exploration into your inner self.

Any of us can benefit from therapy in various stages of our lives for any reason.  

Life Transitions

Facing a life transition is a common reason to seek counseling.  A transition can bring about difficult emotions and unexpected adjustments.  Therapy can help whether your life transition is starting a new career, job loss, divorce, new marriage, children, bereavement, starting a new educational program, or any other life decision you are trying to plan.  Relationships may also be an area of focus as any life transition involves some degree of social aspects.

In counseling your thoughts, emotions and behaviors are addressed in order to meet your goals. 

Workplace Concerns

Whether you are working contract, part-time or full-time, you may experience a wide range of concerns.  These concerns may be related to peer or managerial relationship dynamics, task related issues, burn-out, financial stress, work-life balance concerns, or other role specific issues.  You may also be planning to start to enter the workplace or new career and are wanting to plan ahead. These are all areas where counseling can assist. 

My bachelor's in business administration provides me with a unique understanding of job fields outside of therapy.  I have worked in real estate and construction for commercial and residential properties.  This brings a history of workplace experience outside of my counseling role.

In addition, I have years of experience working for an Employee Assistance Program where I have received specific training in employee assistance.  I thus understand the various concerns the workplace may bring into our lives and ways to problem solve through the concerns.   I can also assist with additional resources as it relates to workplace issues, as needed.

Mood Regulation

Our mood can become dysregulated to the point where it has a negative impact in our lives through our relationships with other people, substance abuse, functioning at work, engaging and enjoying activities, or making identified life changes.  Mood dysregulation is part of depression, anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar, and other mental health issues.  Therapy can help with identifying specific skills and tools to utilize to begin to focus on meeting your personal life needs.  Often times, CBT, DBT and mindfulness based approaches are effective in assisting with mood. 

For additional educational information on specific diagnoses, please see resources page.

Traumatic Growth

Trauma presents in life through a wide range of terrifying experiences.  These experiences may be defined by a sense of helplessness, shock, intrusive memories, fear and mood dysregulation. Trauma's impact on each individual is different, however, traumatic stress and PTSD are a common experience post-trauma.  Since trauma has both psychological and somatic impacts, I approach counseling from a holistic perspective.  I focus my counseling approach on exploring thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.  I also encourage expressive arts and engaging in outside physical activities, as appropriate.

Trauma may undermine one's sense of safety in the environment, at work, in intimate relationships and safety within our own minds.  Trauma work may primarily involve establishing safety within multiple areas of life. Trauma work also includes understanding the symptoms of traumatic stress and learning specific tools and coping techniques to live a fulfilling post-trauma life.

Engaging in trauma work takes courage, attention, and patience.  Ultimately, I hope to assist you achieve growth in your post-trauma life.  I cannot define what that growth will look like but I can assist you in your journey in finding your story and continuing to participate fully in life. 

“Being able to feel safe with other people is probably
​the single most important aspect of mental health;
safe connections are fundamental to
meaningful and satisfying lives.” 

- Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.

Substance Abuse

Sobriety is the abstinence of engaging in a specific substance use.   Substance abuse is often times a way of coping with a painful emotion or life experience.  I offer a wide range of services for substance abuse recovery.   I primarily focus on relapse prevention through a cognitive behavioral perspective. 


If you are seeking a 12-step program, you may consider browsing Anonymous Support Groups for additional resources.

I have clinical therapy experience in an inpatient detox program and therefore am sensitive to the possible risks of withdrawal.  Please know the specific substance used, frequency of use, and the physical impact the substance has on your body all impact your therapy needs. Please also consult a substance abuse facility and your primary care physician for a level of care assessment if you experience or have concerns about any physical symptoms associated with substance abuse.  Please know that I may also refer you to a higher level of care, as needed.   


If you find yourself struggling with understanding a child's perspective in their emotional and behavioral health. I welcome a consultation to explore what may be helpful.  This may include exploring your own reactions as a parent, implementing behavioral reward strategies at home, teaching children coping strategies, or learning play therapy techniques to utilize at home. 

I primarily focus on individual counseling for children above the age of 7.   For concerns related to children under the age or 7, I am able to provide psycho-educational counseling to parents and teaching play therapy skills to utilize within the parent-child relationship. I focus clinically on adjustment to life transitions, trauma, divorce, school-related stressors and emotional regulation.  

My main focus during my master's program was on counseling children.  I have years of experience in private practice and outpatient behavioral health clinics specifically on counseling children. I have worked under two psychologists and was the primary therapy for a grant-funded children's behavioral health clinic for Harris County.  I have engaged in parenting skills training, child centered play therapy and family therapy.


Life challenges arrive at all stages of life, including adolescence. I focus clinically on adjustment to life transitions, self-esteem, trauma, divorce, school-related stressors and emotional regulation.   I primarily utilize DBT and CBT for adolescents where mindfulness, impulse control and distress tolerance are a strong foundation.  I also focus on utilizing expressive arts with adolescents.